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Book Collection

Shown on this page are some of my favourite Canadian aviation books and manuals that I have in the collection.

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Accidental Airline

The Accidental Airline
Spilsbury's QCA

by Howard White & Jim Spilsbury

The Arrow
Avro CF-105 MK.1 Pilot's Operating Instructions and RCAF Testing/Basing Plans

by Lie T. Leversedge (Foreword)

Avro Arrow

by The Arrow Heads

The Avro CF-100

by Larry Milberry

204 Pages
Published 1981
ISBN 0-9690703-0-6

Aviation in Canada

by Larry Milberry

244 Pages
Published 1979
ISBN 0-9690703-2-2

Banshees in the Royal Canadian Navy

by Carl Mills

Published 1991

William Avery "Billy" Bishop
The Man and the Aircraft He Flew

by David Baker

128 Pages
Published 1991

Canada's Air Force Today

by Larry Milberry

152 Pages
Published 1987
ISBN 0-921022-00-X

Canada's National Aviation Museum
Its History and Collections

by K.M. Molson

Canadian Aircraft Since 1909

by K.M. Molson and H.A. Taylor

530 Pages
Published 1982

Canadian flying Services
Emblems and Insignia (1914-1984)

by Bill Hampson

193 Pages
Published 1986

Canadian Pacific Air Lines
Its History and Aircraft

by D.M. Bain

126 Pages
Published 1987

The Canadair Northstar

by Larry Milberry

252 Pages
Published 1982
ISBN 0-9690703-1-4

The Canadair Sabre

by Larry Milberry

372 Pages
Published 1986
ISBN 0-9690703-7-3

The De Havilland Canada Story

by Fred Hotson

244 Pages
Published 1983
ISBN 0-9690703-2-2

Flying Colours
A History of Commercial Aviation in Canada

by Peter Pigott

For Love and Glory
A Pictorial History of Canada's Air Force

by J.A. Foster

The North American trainers in Canada

by David C Fletcher and Doug MacPhail

208 Pages
Published 1990

The British Columbia Story

by Peter Corley-Smith and David N. Parker

157 Pages
Published 1985
ISBN 0-9690703-5-7

The Magnificent Distances
Early Aviation in British Columbia 1910-1940

by Editors Dennis Duffy and Carol Crane

78 Pages
Published 1980

On Canadian Wings
A Century of Flight

by Peter Pigott

RCAF: Squadron Histories and Aircraft 1924-1968

by Samuel Kostenuk and John Griffin

255 Pages
Published 1977

Royal Canadian Air Force
Aircraft Finish and Markings 1947-1968

by Patrick Martin with John Griffin

Sixty Years
The RCAF and CF Air Command 1924-1984

by Larry Milberry

480 Pages
Published 1984
ISBN 0-9690703-4-9

A loving retrospective of the CF-104 era in Canadian fighter aviation 1961-1986

by David L Bashow

223 Pages
Published 1991

Storms of Controversy
The Secret Avro Arrow Files Revealed

by Palmiro Campagna

Where Eagles Flew
An Early History of the Chilliwack Flying Club

by Barb Lawrence

40 Pages
Published 1987

Wings Across Canada
An Illustrated History of Canadian Aviation

by Peter Pigott

ISBN 1-55002-412-4

Wings for Victory
The Remarkable Story of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan in Canada

by Spence Dunmore

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Vertol H21A and H-21B Helicopters

Description and Maintenance Instructions
Royal Canadian Air Force

Issued on Authority of the Chief of the Air Staff
EO 05-80A-2 (Replaces EO 05-80A-2 Dated Feb 56)
April 1 1957

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Expeditor 3
3T, 3TM, 3N,3NM

Royal Canadian Air Force

Aircraft Operating Instructions
E.O 05-45B-1
June 1 1960

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Beech Musketeer CT 134A

National Defence
Canadian Forces Technical Order

Aircraft Operating Instructions

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de Havilland Canada CC 138 Twin Otter

Course Training Manual for the CC 138 Twin Otter Airframe Tech 512.40
426 (T) Training Squadron

May 1974

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de Havilland Canada DHC-7 Series 100

Detail Specifications
AEROC 7.1.G.3 Issue 3

The de Havilland Aircraft of Canada, Limited. Downsview Ontario Canada